Twitter lets marketers Direct Message users & share location data


Twitter is one way to get customer service without difficulty. A tweet can frequently get a quicker reaction than locating customer support details using email. The social community has a new characteristic to make support more personal: Brands can now request and share area data with customers thru direct messages.

App stock. The Twitter App is shown on an Apple iPhone 4S. Picture date: Thursday January 29, 2015. Photo credit should read: Lauren Hurley/PA Wire URN:22087535

Imagine sending a direct message to your carrier when you have a trouble with your smartphone. The brand supervisor will get your permission to acquire your area data and then they can direct you to the closest store. This may make getting your needs met an awful lot quicker than searching around your mapping app or Yelp.

Twitter has been beefing up its customer service features for some time now, such as single-link feedback buttons and other tools. Wingstop even has an order form built into its direct messages for frictionless ordering. So far, restaurants TGI Fridays and Wingstop are using the location-based APIs, while other brands are sure to follow suit.

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