Dream Passports with Free Travels and Tax Breaks


A new passport index demands to teach worldwide residents about the genuine estimation of the world’s citizenships in light of five elements.

Dream Passports with Free Travels and Tax Breaks

The Nomad Passport Index positions 199 citizenships on five components – more than whatever other international ID lists.

It is intended to demonstrate the best citizenships on the planet to hold, on the premise of without visa travel, universal tax collection, recognition, double citizenship, and individual flexibility.

“While most lists contrast just an identification holder’s capacity with travel unreservedly, we understood that natives of various nations manage far various necessities to pay to impose, live uninhibitedly, and stay away from examination when voyaging,” Nomad Capitalist said.


The Nomad Passport Index positions the estimation of citizenship in and, by expansion the

international ID of, 199 nations and regions on the planet in light of five variables:

  • Without visa travel – half of positioning
  • Tax assessment – 30% of positioning
  • Recognition – 10% of positioning
  • Double citizenship – 10% of positioning
  • General opportunity – 10% of positioning

The top positioned nation is Sweden, with a Nomad Passport Score of 109.

“Swedish nationals can visit 176 nations without a visa, as well as they appreciate an amazing notoriety abroad, the capacity to hold double or numerous citizenships, large amounts of individual flexibility, and the capacity to effectively escape Swedish charges by moving abroad,” Nomad Capitalist said.

Belgium positions second on the rundown with a score of 108.

“Belgium is home to the European Union, and its residents appreciate a lot of flexibility of development around Europe, as well as to 174 nations comprehensively. Belgian expats appreciate relative duty flexibility, and all Belgians advantage from an open state of mind toward different societies and double citizenship,” Nomad Capitalist said.

Italy, Spain and Ireland round out the main five nations on the file.

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Dream Passports with Free Travels and Tax Breaks

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Dream Passports with Free Travels and Tax Breaks

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