Bad News for Online Scam Victims


As many as 41% of customers who have missing their cash as the result of financial cyber-fraud have did not get a single penny came back to them.


This is according to the Kaspersky Consumer Security Risks Survey, an international study performed by B2B International and Kaspersky Lab.

The survey shows that only 45% of customers who experienced through online scams were fully paid.

A further 14% retrieved part of the thieved sum, but the staying 41% of sufferers were left with nothing.

According to the reviews of 33% of sufferers, the cash was most often irretrievable if it had been thieved during an e-payment function. In 17% of cases, the cash vanished during e-banking classes, 13% of the sufferers were the customers of online retailers.

Banks and online retailers return cash to their customers more often than, for example, e-pay techniques.

In general, only 12% of online customers obtained full settlement for failures experienced from harmful strikes, but for financial customers the figure increases to 15%.

One in ten participants was fortunate enough to get all their money-back. There is also a clearly advanced level of ‘bad debt’ – 6% of online retailers customers, 4% of internet financial customers and 4% of e-pay techniques customers revealed irretrievable loss of cash.

Nearly half (45%) of participants believe the lender is accountable for repaying any cash missing during online functions and 42% of those interviewed think the lender should provide free security tools to protect cash exchanges.

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